Basic Equipment Required in a Small Music Production Studio

Starting a small studio and gradually upgrading is the best way to start a successful music production studio. It may take you time and money before you reach your desired level, but don’t let that limit you. Creating a small music production studio is a very significant step into your career especially if you are an artist. The following are a few pieces of equipment you will require.

A Computer

A decent desktop or laptop is a critical item to own if you want to start up your production studio. Get one with a good processor, a big RAM, and different types of portals that will enable you to connect your internal disks, audio interfaces, and MIDI devices.

A Digital Workstation

A great digital audio workstation is important for beginners. When choosing one that will suit your needs, consider the kind of resources it will use on your computer. Ensure the digital Audio workstation you get will be compatible with your computer without any chances of overloading and eventually crashing it.

Microphone and Stands

You don’t need the large pro-studio microphone like those they have in the established studios, especially if you are on a budget. Go for the industry-standard microphones, which can be used for various purposes like stage performance and recording in a studio. You can start with a boom stand microphone as they are flexible and adaptable enough to serve instrumentalists, vocalists and can even be adjusted low to the drum sets’ level.

Sound Baffles

For a start-up recording studio, investing in sound baffles is essential to ensure you get good recordings. They are used to neutralize a room to ensure any unintended sound will not be recorded. Sound baffles are made from padded clothes or foams, and they can be mounted on walls and ceilings for further soundproofing.